Six in One - The Lemur5 is an active modeling studio monitor.

What makes this speaker so special?

The Lemur5 is a loudspeaker with a very linear frequency response that can also sound like other well-known studio monitors.

The Monkey Banana Gibbon 10 is an active subwoofer for use in home studios and professional recording studios. 
It is also the ideal low end support for DJ monitoring. 
The subwoofer Gibbon 10 can be perfectly combined with all Gibbon and Lemur models thanks to the adjustable crossover frequency. 

The Bonobo microphone is designed for vocal, speech and instrument recording in the recording studio.
Especially vocal recordings and acoustic guitars benefit from the detailed and natural sound.

The Monkey Banana Micro Tree is a three-legged, height-adjustable tripod for microphones, cameras and video lights. Applications such as podcasting, interviews, audio streaming and recording, video recording benefit from the advantages of this small but useful helper.