The Baboon 6 is an active studio monitor with an Air Motion Transformer tweeter and special Kevlar woofer. 
We have developed this studio monitor to give you a better assessment of the mix, especially for mastering and mixing, through even finer resolution of the highs. 
It is the ideal monitoring for professional recording and mastering studios and the demanding HiFi enjoyment

The Mangabey microphone from Monkey Banana was developed for vocal, voice and instrument recordings in the recording studio. 9 different characteristics can be adjusted via the supply unit.
Especially for vocal recordings and acoustic guitars, the hand-selected 12AX7 tube built into the Mangabey provides a warm, natural sound.

To support the lower frequency range, the Turbo and Baboon series studio monitors can be driven by the Turbo10s subwoofer

The Monkey Tree provides secure stand and support for studio monitors. Decoupled from the ground, the monitors are extremely stable on the monitor stands made of metal.

The Monkey Tree is built from very solid materials to ensure a safe stand